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Small and interesting 

Small bedrooms don’t need to be uninteresting bedrooms, but it’s not surprising people have that impression. It’s all because, once upon a time, there were a set of rules for designing smaller rooms which went along the lines of:

Thou shalt only paint small bedrooms white or light colours.

Thou shalt choose minimalist decor for a small bedroom.

Thou shalt never place large furniture pieces in a small bedroom.

Fast forward to more enlightened design times and the thinking has changed. No longer do small bedrooms mean prison cell chic. With the right thought and planning, bold colours and intricate design finishes are no longer taboo, and neither does well chosen functional furniture need to be hobbit-sized.

When space is at a premium, the rule that matters more than any other is quality. Because if you only have space for few things, those few things should be extra special.

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