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Smart separates

Gone are the days when the expectation of being a couple meant that you have to be of ‘one’ mind. 

Obviously it’s helpful to be reading the same book (if not on the same page) when it comes to important life matters as, while opposites may attract, opposing viewpoints on life don’t always make for the happiest relationships. But when it comes to matters of lesser significance, being in a relationship doesn’t need to mean morphing into one person in terms of what we like.

‘Smart’ home devices are getting more and more slick at treating people as individuals and can be synced to different settings based on which person is using a room, adjusting heating, lighting and even the music that plays by the user.

Less thought about – but often more impactful – is that fact that opposites can attract come bedtime too as couples can have different comfort needs. And we’re not just thinking about ideal preferences. Generally, the heavier your weigh, the firmer support you will need to provide the appropriate support to your neck and spine to keep you sleeping comfortably night after night. So, if you and your partner are far apart on the scales when it comes to your size and weight, chances are you’ll also be farther apart when it comes to the comfort level you need in a mattress.

Thankfully when you choose a bed from Millbrook Beds, you can have a mattress that meets both of your comfort needs. All mattresses with a 2000 or higher spring count can be ordered in combi tension, meaning co-sleepers can choose a comfort level for ‘their’ side of the bed. 

Now there may be no electronics involved, but we still think that’s pretty smart.