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You’re in love.

You might feel like the luckiest person alive, but even the most smitten of couples can be tested by the intimacy of sleeping in the same bed night after night.

Common co-sleeper woes include:

Snoring and other sound disturbance – because, let’s face it, snoring isn’t the only sound people make while they sleep!

Fidgets and flailing – love them though we do, it’s very difficult to sleep next to someone whose limbs have a tendency to flail as they sleep or dream

Nighttime tinklers – a bugbear in many relationships, each partner failing to understand why the other can/can’t make it through the night without visiting the loo

Although not in all, insufficient sleeping space can be a factor in some co-sleeper woes. Believe it or not, some small double beds provide an adult with less sleeping space than your average cot-bed!

When ordering a new bed, order as big a size as you can fit in your bedroom to allow a more comfortable (and realistic) sleeping space. A pocket sprung mattress also helps minimise sleep disturbance as individually nested springs move independently from one another – meaning you’ll feel less movement from the other side of the bed.

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