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Smooth operator 

Introducing the Chittenden & Eastman Smooth-Tech™ 3000 – our third mattress made in collaboration with Bedding Industries of America.

Millbrook Bed Co mattresses are hand-made to last 10 years or more which can, in part, be attributed to the tufting process.  Tufts are extremely important in handmade mattresses as they hold fillings and pocket springs in place; without them a mattress would become uncomfortable over time.  However, listening to customer feedback, many sleepers told us they preferred the idea a bed without tufts.

Smooth-Tech™ is a brand new Millbrook sleep technology, a unique new tuft-free sleeping surface where the tufts are hidden inside the mattress.

Smooth-Tech™ uses innovative Velcro discs to allow the inner tufts to keep all the layers together, and create an inner tufted mattress – a mattress with the same performance as the traditionally tufted mattresses but with a smoother sleeping surface – free from the smallest lumps and bumps created by traditional methods, for an even more perfect sleep.