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Snuggle down season

Despite the fact that we spent several months wanting nothing more than to break free of our homes, it’s coming round to that time of year when it’s snuggle down season – and we can do little to resist it’s cosy charm.

It’s that time of year when mornings have a damp and chilly feeling, no matter what the weather that’s forecast to follow. The evenings are drawing in and we suddenly feel a bit less like munching on salad in the cooler evenings. Yes, it’s the time of year to check your supplies of hot chocolate and marshmallows and to make sure the dog hasn’t destroyed last years slippers, wherever they may be.

Honestly, there’s few places we’d rather spend the snuggle season than in the warmth and handmade luxurious comfort of a Millbrook Bed. Soft layers of English Fine Cotton, Hampshire Wool, bamboo, pashmina and silk create a soft sleep surface for layers of pocket springs in your comfort choice.

Snuggle down in a luxury handmade bed from Millbrook Beds this snuggle season.