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Softly, softly

Softness is kind. Softness is comforting. Softness is soothing. But when is soft, too soft?

For us it’s similar to thinking about what we need from a best friend; sometimes we need them to be tea and sympathy but, sometimes, we need tough love. Often the mark of a true friend isn’t the person who agrees with us to make us happy – it’s the friend who says what we need to hear, whether we want to hear it or not.

At Millbrook Beds we have over 70 years experience in expertly sewing together exactly the right balance of comforting softness with the exactly right balance of structural support – it’s all part of our recipe for something we call #perfectsleep.

This expertise means we know how to harness the performance of luxuriously soft natural fillings such as bamboo fibre, silk and cashgora in perfect balance to prolong the comfort lifespan of your handmade Millbrook Beds mattress.

It also means we put careful thought and planning into the design and positioning of the thousands of individually pocket nested springs within your mattress to provide a support that’s responsive to the individual curves of your neck and spine so that, beneath the softness – like the bestest of friends – there’s a strength just where you need it.