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Space out

Whether you have a bed to yourself or co-sleep, no-one likes to feel confined to a small space or at risk of falling out of bed at night. 

Sleep disturbance is the enemy of quality sleep, which is why making the most of every last centimetre of sleeping space is really important. But how can we do that without running the risk of rolling out of bed?

With a luxury pocket sprung mattress from Millbrook Beds, you can fully enjoy your mattress without fear of roll off. Thanks to the care we take in designing and hand-making your mattress, each expertly hand-side stitched mattress border is strengthened to eliminate roll off. Not only that, but because we use quality individually pocketed springs, your mattress is capable of providing unique support to every part of your body, across every part of the mattress.

Space out. Spread out. Chill out. However you like to relax in bed, make the most of every luxurious moment and every centimetre of luxurious comfort with #perfectsleep from Millbrook Beds.