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Spring colour

There’s few things we crave in nature like we do the warmth and colours of Springtime. The fresh colours of spring as new life springs up from the ground is both mesmeric and energising in its effect on us. Wouldn’t it be great to bottle that feeling of newness and optimism for cold winter mornings…

At Millbrook Beds we believe great mornings naturally follow a great night’s sleep, whatever the season. We also believe we can help bring the the colour and energy of Springtime into your bedroom all year round:

Full of spring

Featuring thousands of pocket springs, you don’t get many things ‘springier’ than a good quality pocket sprung mattress. Individually nested, each spring is capable of providing unique support for your neck and spine, helping you wake up fully rested and energised for the day ahead.

Full of colour

Colour can influence the way we feel so – if we want to start the day right – it’s worth giving more than a passing thought to your bedroom colour scheme. Fresh greens, pink hues and cornflower blues are some of the spring-like colours available to choose from a colour palette of over 60 divan and headboard fabrics.