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Spring fever

There’s no denying that there’s a weariness to winter time. Dark, cold, wet days make us feel tired in more ways than one, not to mention stormy weather that brings its own set of problems and inconveniences.

We don’t know about you but, for us, the recent lengthening of the days and the occasional hour of afternoon sunshine is bringing on a serious case of spring fever!

Defined as a restlessness and excitement that’s peculiar to this time of year, spring fever comes after a winter hunkered down indoors and, whether we give it a label or not, most of us recognise a certain craving within us for change around this time of year.

For many, spring fever is an excitement for a change in the weather and the possibility of spending more time outdoors again, or a change of vista altogether in the form of a getaway. For others, this restlessness for change focuses on our indoor space in the form of a spring clean and a fresh look at our homes.

Perhaps for you, spring fever will see you wanting to take a fresh look at your bedroom and even your sleep. If so, why not literally put that spring back in your sleep and in your step this Springtime with our range of luxury handcrafted pocket sprung mattresses and beds from Millbrook Beds.