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You know who you are you starfish among us… Your love for your bed is so strong that sometimes the only thing to do when getting into it is to have those few celebratory moments laying starfish!

And we’re willing to put it out there that the starfish position is the signature of true comfort and relaxation. Just as in parts of India, China and Bahrain burping is a sign of appreciation so – as bed-makers – we interpret the starfish among you as your way of expressing your appreciation of comfort that allows you to relax in spread-eagle abandon.

It’s the kind of comfort that keeps us dedicated to the pursuit of #perfectsleep here at Millbrook Beds. Our approach to bed-making sees us marry traditional craftsmanship techniques with luxurious materials and timeless design to create mattresses and beds that are really special. Special enough, we would say…to warrant a starfish every now and again.

So go on, no one’s looking, enjoy the sumptuous comfort of a luxurious handmade Millbrook Bed with a celebratory starfish! Because finding #perfectsleep is worth celebrating.