Most people have a secret stash of something under their beds.

For some it might be their most prized personal possessions: our journals containing our most private thoughts, treasured old photos or sentimental keepsakes that are perhaps things that bring us comfort to know they are close by us.

For some it might be money or something of particular financial value – we’re not by any means suggesting this is a good idea, but we know people still do this. 

For others it might be any number of random, embarrassing items or other secret possessions we wouldn’t trust to store elsewhere in our homes.

We all like to stash things under our bed and, with a handmade luxury bed from Millbrook Beds, you can lovingly stash your under-bed things in style. Our divan sets are handmade by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques and can be made with flush fit drawers in two or four drawer configurations to provide sleek and stylish under bed storage.

Sleep stylishly and stash your things stylishly too with a handmade Millbrook Bed.