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Sugar and spice and all things nice

It’s officially the time of year to abandon any diets.

December rolls around and we’re nothing if not surrounded by tempting festive sweet treats. Everything from buttery mince pies, to unctuous yule logs, to sweet candy canes, to more-ish stollen slices and indulgent gingerbread houses to sipping sweet festive coffee blends and spiced hot chocolates with lashings of whipped cream.

All these treats are lovely in themselves, but the real sweetness of them is the sense of nostalgia about eating festive treats that remind us of shared memories with friends and families – and the fact that they’re not things we eat all year round.

Thankfully when it comes to your sleep comfort, we’ve found a year-round sweet spot with our brand new Smooth-Tech collection.

Our unique Smooth-Tech mattresses provide a tuft free sleeping surface with a luxurious hand-tufted 100% Chemical free Viscose cover, holding the fillings together and helping the mattress remain stable and firm providing you with support and comfort while you sleep. Featuring sumptuous Hampshire Wool, Smooth-Tech delivers total body comfort with unrivalled breathability, humidity control & moisture wicking, assisting your body’s natural temperature regulation process.

What could be sweeter?