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Summer nights

There’s magic in a summer night… long sunny afternoons with friends that stretch into long evenings under the stars, spotting fireflies, enjoying the peace and stillness of evening sunsets.

Getting to sleep and staying asleep however, that can be a less magical affair. 

If you find yourself struggling to sleep in the heat, we have five top tips for staying cool at nighttime :

1. Cross breeze

Opening a single window doesn’t encourage air to move or refresh. Try pinning doors open to allow air to move between open windows in different rooms to maximise airflow.

2. Stay down

If your bedroom is upstairs, avoid laying on your bed to read and watch tv waiting for bedtime to come around. Stay downstairs until bedtime to keep the air in your bedroom and your bedclothes feeling fresher and cooler until you’re ready for sleep.

3.  Freshen up

If you particularly suffer with the heat, try taking a lukewarm shower near bedtime to bring your basal body temperature down.

4. Give rise

We all know heat rises so, to cool things down on hot nights, open your loft hatch to allow trapped warm air to rise.

5. Keep it natural 

Synthetic fibres are less breathable than natural fibres, meaning they can trap and retain heat against your body. Keep things natural by choosing cotton sheets, bedding and nightwear.

This last tip holds the key to why we use breathable natural fibres such as pure wool, pashmina and cashmere to make our luxury handmade beds. What’s more, Millbrook Beds mattresses are enveloped in Egyptian cotton to help maintain a comfortable sleeping surface and temperature.

Keep the magic in a summer night with a handmade Millbrook Bed.