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Summer sleep guide, part I

Believe it or not, the longest day of the year has already been and gone. For anyone who doesn’t love waking up early on light mornings, this would ordinarily be a relief to think of darker mornings ahead, but the duller start to the summer didn’t exactly see many mornings of blazing early morning sunlight!

But light mornings aren’t the only sleep enemy come summertime. This week in our two part blog, we’re looking at four ways to tackle two of summer’s biggest sleep enemies: allergies (part I) and heat (part II).

Four ways to help ease hayfever symptoms when bedtime comes around

  1. Launder and dry bed clothes indoors to minimise the pollen level your bedroom
  1. If you’re normally someone that showers in the morning, try having a bath or shower in the evening paying special attention to washing your face and hands well to get rid of pollen and other allergens that may have accumulated on your skin 
  1. Much as we love our pets, their fur is particularly good at collecting pollen so don’t let them roll it all off onto your bedcovers – keep pets out of your bedroom when pollen counts are high
  1. Keep things under control – if your hay fever symptoms aren’t controlled by day, they’ll likely worsen in the evening as your body gets wearier

We may not be able to put a stop to the pesky affects of pollen by day, but there’s lots we can do to stop it from stopping our sleep!