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Summer sleep guide, part II

With summer finally here we’re getting in quick with our Summer sleep guide before the warm weather can do another disappearing act.

In part I, we looked at ways to tackle sleep enemy number one: allergies. And here in part II we’re focussing on what ought to be the most obvious sleep enemy that arrives with summer: the heat.

Four ways to help stay cool at bedtime

  1. Have a cool shower near to bedtime so it’s cooling effect is still at work as you settle down for sleep
  1. Cut down on alcohol – alcohol has warming effect on your body so if the heat is very bothersome to you at nighttime it’s worth being aware of this connection
  1. Avoid bringing heat generating electronics into your already-warm bedroom – use electronics downstairs and keep the lights off
  1. Keep your sleep environment cool by avoiding synthetic material in and on top of your sleeping area, instead choose breathable cotton bedding and a quality bed with natural fillings

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