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Sunday feels

What does your perfect Sunday morning look like…

Maybe starting off waking up to peace and quiet, rather than to the jarring sound of an alarm clock? Languishing in bed to read a book, extended news articles or just collect errant thoughts? Slow breakfasts that allow us to savour what we’re eating, rather than gulping it down in a rush to get out the door?

We all love those Sunday feels, and the perfect way to ease into an easy Sunday morning is with #perfectsleep. 

The culmination over 70 years of bed-making, #perfectsleep is the best of our know-how, craftsmanship and quality that we sew into each and every one of our luxury handmade mattresses and beds. So, whether you choose a product from our Grandeur, Majestic, Cotton, Luxury Quilted, Pillowtop or Hampshire Collections, you’ll notice that certain je ne sais quoi about our products, and that je ne sais quoi is #perfectsleep.

So if you’re all about your Sunday feels and making full use of your day of rest to replenish your energy reserves, start your Sunday in superior comfort with #perfectsleep from Millbrook Beds.