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Sweet as a nut

Wouldn’t it be sweet if the answer to a better night’s sleep was something we could buy from the shelf of our local corner shop or supermarket?

Nuts: in these more health-conscious times nuts in more varieties are more readily available in to-go snack packs and on our supermarket shelves than ever before. Boasting many health benefits including a wide variety of nutrients, fibre and antioxidants to name a few, certain nuts also contain high doses of melatonin (the sleep hormone) and magnesium, a mineral which is thought to aid relaxation. Although more research is needed to evidence that nuts actually help you sleep better but, if you’re partial to nuts anyway, switch out your popcorn snacking for some almonds, walnuts, cashews or pistachios and see for yourself.

The truth is that if you’re looking to unlock the answer to better sleep, the chances are you’re more likely to find this answer in the right mattress than you are in a bag of nuts. If you’re sleeping on a poor quality, damaged or aged mattress, there’s every chance your mattress is detracting from your sleep quality – and a bag of almonds won’t solve that.

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