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Sweet nothings

Ask 10 couples what their definition of romance is, and you can guarantee they’ll all come up with something different. That’s because what’s romantic to them will be symbols and gestures that are deeply personal and unique to their relationship. 

However, ask the same 10 couples to define what’s unromantic, and there’ll be more commonality in their answers – sometimes when it comes to love, it’s easier to know how to get it wrong than to get it right.

Keeping romance alive isn’t rocket science. You don’t need romance gurus or books to advise you that the most romance is often to be found in the smallest details, rather than in lavish gifts or gestures. Taking your partner away for a romantic weekend is a lovely idea, but just as special would be transforming your bedroom into a romantic hideaway within your own home. 

Why not give more thought to creating more romance in your bedroom all year round? In the same way that you wouldn’t take your partner for a romantic meal at a rundown restaurant, a cheap or stained mattress in an unloved and cluttered bedroom space isn’t a romantic setting for all those sweet nothings.

Extra special bedrooms begin and end with extra special beds, such as those made by Millbrook Beds. Set the scene for romance with a lovingly handmade mattress and enjoy sumptuous comfort during all those hours of ‘sweet nothings’.