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Sweet suite style

Arriving at your hotel is a special part of a holiday experience. The hassle of travelling is complete, you’re all checked in and ready to go.

Walking into your hotel room you park your bags and take in the sweet view from inside and outside of your hotel room and – if you’re fortunate to be staying in a spacious suite – that experience can indeed be very sweet.

So, when the holiday’s over, how can we bring some of that experience home with you and give your bedroom at home a hotel makeover?

Pare things back

Hotel rooms don’t generally feature fussy decor. Pared back style means decor doesn’t date as quickly, rooms aren’t as quickly in need of refurbishment and, done well, pared back style is also suggestive of luxury. So if your bedroom at home is full of quirky, fussy decor and furnishings, perhaps less could be more.


A big part of what feels wonderful walking into a hotel room is seeing a blank canvas of empty surfaces to put your things. Clear surfaces give a room the feeling of being spacious and clean, even if on closer inspection it isn’t. The same standard of clutter free surfaces might be harder at home but, if you’re someone that feels burdened by clutter, it’s worth getting rid of as much as you can.

A worthy centrepiece 

If you want to style your bedroom like a top hotel room, it needs a worthy centrepiece – a luxury bed. Luxury hotels never scrimp on beds, after all, how can a bedroom be anything approaching luxury unless it offers superior comfort?

Bring some sweet suite style to your bedroom with a handmade bed from Millbrook Beds. A worthy centrepiece both in style and luxurious sleep comfort, it’s no wonder many of the UK’s top hotels choose Millbrook Beds.