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Take comfort

Once upon a time we used to take pride in our homes, now we take comfort in them.

Homes that were once hubs for entertaining friends and family have quietly evolved into spaces that bring us comfort. The clothes we wear (or don’t wear), the foods that fill our cake tins and cupboards, the lush houseplants that adorn once-empty surfaces, the snuggly blankets we used to put out of sight – whatever it is that brings you comfort has undoubtedly become more visible in your home over the last year.

And, as we take comfort in signs that some semblance of normal life is within reach, let’s give priority to comfort in our post-lockdown lives too.

Layer upon layer of luxuriously soft natural fillings and row upon row of individually nested pocket springs, all enveloped in a smooth Egyptian cotton cover. That’s the kind of comfort that means bedtime never comes soon enough.

Shop our range of luxury handmade mattresses, beds and headboards now and find #perfectsleep comfort for you. Better still, take comfort in knowing that because our mattresses are made using an environmentally friendly and chemical free solution to meet fire regulations, they’re naturally beautiful for all the family.