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Teenage dreams

The summer term is a big term for teenagers. It’s time for character-building trips that will help them build independence. It’s time for exams that will help shape their future.

We all want our kids to dream big in their teenage years, but in reality sleep itself can be one of many sources of tension between parents and teenagers with many parents bemoaning their teenager’s poor sleep habits and the effect these have on their mood, appearance, diet and energy levels.

If this sounds similar to the conversations happening in your household you’ll be pleased to find some independent advice from the Sleep Council sleepcouncil.org.uk – an organisation that has a great handle on sleep and can tell us when we need to worry, and when we don’t.

As well as having a teenage sleep scenario with a sleep programme specifically geared for teens   https://sleepcouncil.org.uk/sleep-advice-scenarios/meet-david-sleep-advice-for-teenagers/ they’ve also partnered with The Children’s Sleep Charity to create an online interactive bedroom that combines sleep advice with important facts about teenage sleep https://sleepcouncil.org.uk/teen-sleep/.

Managing teenage dreams can be a complicated affair, but our need for comfort at any age is uncomplicated. Give your teen a bed worth going to sleep for with a luxurious handmade Millbrook Bed. Shop our ranges online or in the showroom of a quality furniture store near you.