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The art of sleep

What is it about a truly wonderful piece of artwork that inspires us? 

When we find that connection, art can and is about so much more than an enjoyment of something visually arresting or beautiful. Art can transport our minds to invoke a unique sensory experience, and it can also have the potential to lift our spirit and help us to relax more deeply. In this way, art conveys an experience beyond its form in depth, tone, rhythm, flow and movement as well as a raw beauty in authenticity. 

Have you got sleep down to a fine art?

This may seem like one of those redundant journalistic questions but, in fact, many of these same qualities that distinguish a piece of art from a masterpiece are also distinguishing factors when it comes to our sleep:

Authenticity – keep it real when it comes to your sleep, don’t rely on stimulants and sleeping pills. Enhance authentic sleep with an authentic handmade bed from Millbrook Beds made using traditional craftsmanship techniques passed down through generations of our family run company.

Rhythm and flow – your circadian rhythm is a thing of beauty, don’t resist it. As best you can, live a lifestyle that enhances the rhythm of your body and you’ll reap the benefits in sleep, energy levels and your long term health.

Depth and tone – these are subjective in art much in the same way the depth of support and tone of the comfort in your mattress are likewise very personal choices. Thankfully with a handmade Millbrook Bed, you can choose between a range of spring counts to provide the right support for you and customise your own comfort setting too (select between soft, medium and firm tension).

Aesthetics – you might not think aesthetics matter to your sleep but we make sure our beds are beautifully presented anyway and are designed from the inside out to help you to get the beauty sleep you need to keep you looking and – most importantly – feeling beautiful (inside out).

Discover the fine art of sleeping with a Millbrook Bed.