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The children were nestled all snug in their beds…

Not all children are big fans of bedtime but, for many, bedtime becomes that bit more magical in December.

Tired out from the relentless Christmas schedule of school trips, nativities and any other number of extra curricular festive activities, the cold dark nights beckon children to their beds perhaps a little more easily than at other times of the year.

There’s a real sense of occasion to bedtime as each passing sleep brings them closer to the big night. Christmassy stories – such as Clement Clarke’s famous poem The Night Before Christmas – add to a sense of magic and wonder at bedtime.

Indeed children’s bedtimes at Christmastime are wonderful as they’re full of anticipation for wonderful things to come. Whether it’s family advent traditions that await children the next morning, locating the whereabouts of mischievous elves, or whether it’s the arrival of Christmas Day itself, as children and as grown ups, often these moments of anticipation are as enjoyable as the moments we eagerly await.

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