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The comfort revolution

The comfort revolution 

At Millbrook Beds we’re continuing to invest in sleep innovation, developing new products for the perfect sleep of the future.

That’s why, in January 2022 we’re excited to be bringing you something very special. This New Year, Millbrook Beds will launch DreamSense™: a unique trademarked smart mattress with a built-in sleep management system for healthy sleep and a better life.

DreamSense™ is smart system core technology for your sleep, with sensors that monitor movement during sleep to optimise comfort and support. An exciting mattress like no other, DreamSense™ uses air pockets with each cell featuring an individual sensor to support every part of the body. These cells ‘sense’ how an individual sleeps and adapt the mattress accordingly enabling continued and consistent levels of support throughout the night, whatever the position and weight of the sleeper.

DreamSense™ features:

• Smart mattress with sleep management system

• Sleep data measures heart rate and posture via the app

• Dual control system for sleep zone comfort

• Smart alarm

• Massage feature

• Unique NemoFlex™ side borders with no side stitching or staples


A DreamSense™ mattress is the future of perfect sleep.