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The future?

Japanese cities such as Tokyo and Osaka are ultra-modern societies that, depending on the context of what is ‘home’ to you, can have a stark futuristic feel.

Osaka generated global headlines when it became home to the world’s first capsule hotel which, although increasingly popular in Japan, is a format still far removed from anything seen in the UK by virtue of the fact that our population demands are very different. However, with ever growing population numbers, it’s easy to see how and why capsule hotels will have a bigger place in the urban hotel market perhaps in the not-so-distant future.

More recently, Japan’s different relationship to sleep has once again made headlines with the launch of the city’s first permanent sleep cafe by Nescafé.

As reported by online Japanese magazine Grape, Nescafé’s sleep cafe will enable sleep-deprived Edokko to take a break in a cafe that will offer a nap course, a sleep course, multiple sleep technologies, and coffee. Read more about the future of sleep in Tokyo at Grape by following this link https://grapee.jp/en/110476

It’s funny how the future doesn’t always feel brighter does it? Particularly as we see societal changes that seem to value progress over wellbeing. The truth is that sleep is about relationships: our sleep is directly related to our wellbeing but – like any relationship – the strength of our relationship with our sleep is dependent on the time we give to it.