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The land of nod

Most of us don’t find it so difficult night to night to gain our entrance into the land of nod. But, when there’s trouble afoot in our lives, the entrance can seem to close up pretty quickly.

It goes without saying at the moment that people suddenly have a lot more on their minds. Whether you’re suddenly overloaded with extra commitments or feeling under-stimulated with days in self-isolation with not enough to do, we all very much need and want the reassuring welcome of sleep at the end of a long day.

In a context where taking care of our physical and mental wellbeing has never been more critical, maintaining positive sleep habits is key to this. So if you’re temporarily having difficulty dropping off to sleep at night, try something relaxing to help quicken your entry into the land of nod.

The Sleep Council have a series of Nodcasts available online aimed at helping you de-stress and relax into a state of mind conducive for sleep. Whether you find the sound of the wind, waves, thunder, rain or birdsong relaxing, you can tune into these sounds and consciously tune out all other noise:


Sleep well and stay positive, love from everyone here at Millbrook Beds.