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The long and short of it

The shortest day is upon us which means that, today, the sun will reach its most southernly declination, resulting in the fewest hours of sunlight of the whole year. 

Astonishingly, the shortest day is actually over eight hours shorter in terms of daylight hours than its longest counterpart in June! But isn’t it funny how the shortest days of winter can, in reality, feel like the longest days of all?

There’s no doubt this winter was always going to feel long and, with most of the country subject to restrictions that mean we can’t mix with other households indoors, never has the challenge of filling the long, dark hours felt harder than in 2020.

But the shortest day also holds the promise of a ‘darkest hour before dawn’ hope as we know that, from this day onwards, we can look forward to brighter days ahead.

So, keeping that thought firmly in mind, we want to wish you all a snuggly Christmas from everyone here at Millbrook Beds…