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The morning after

It’s funny how some phrases develop such negative connotations and, let’s face it, there are few positive associations with the phrase ‘the morning after’. 


Walks of shame… 

The calm after stormy arguments… 

When we think of ‘the morning after’, regret seems to be a headline theme.

However, in reality, there are plenty of mornings that follow after great nights. For instance the morning after your first night in your brand new Millbrook Bed, there’s no regrets there! 

We’re always proud and delighted when new customers tell us how our products have helped to transform their sleep. It means a lot to us as we’ve been in pursuit of #perfectsleep for over 70 years now and, in competition with mass produced products made using cheaper materials, remaining committed to the craftsmanship ideals and unrelenting quality that characterise our company and our product hasn’t always been easy.

So why not find out what a difference a luxurious handmade pocket sprung bed could make to your sleep? Visit the showroom of one of our retail partners and try our beds for yourself – because there’s much to look forward to in the morning after a night of #perfectsleep.