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The nest

As parents, the nests we create are important. We want our homes to be nurturing spaces where our children feel safe, loved and where they can have time off from the pressures of school and friendships.

Some of these boundaries have become blurred in 2020. School came home. Friendships happened over screens. But the sense of ‘home’ we create for our kids remains. 

At Millbrook Beds we know how important your family’s comfort is. Now, more than ever, you want yours and your children’s bedrooms to be nurturing spaces based purely around comfort. Made for lasting comfort, our handcrafted mattresses and beds are handmade using natural fibres for your family. 

We carefully choose our fabrics and fillings from sustainable sources, such as cotton grown in the USA and locally sourced Hampshire Wool. And our environmentally friendly approach means we use a fully biological solution to meet flame retardant standards so you can sleep clean, free of chemicals.

Your nest is important. Fill it with only the best fabrics and fillings to nurture your family’s sleep with Millbrook Beds.