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The perfect 10

Perfection takes work and, here at Millbrook Beds, we know all about the work that goes into crafting something extraordinarily brilliant.

For us, our recipe for #perfectsleep involves 10 pairs of hands used to hand make each and every luxury handmade mattress.

The first pair of hands cuts the mattress cover fabric of your choice to size

The second pair of hands gets to work sewing and embroidering the fabric panels

The third pair of hands makes the border pieces

The fourth pair of hands then sews on handles, eyelets and joins the borders

Meanwhile a fifth pair of hands gathers fillings and components for your Perfect Sleep specification  

A sixth pair of hands assembles the mattresses and expertly hand side stitches in a traditional way

A seventh pair of hands gets to work on the luxury tape edging

An eighth pair of hands tufts the mattress

A ninth pair of hands meticulously inspects the mattress to make sure it’s perfect

A tenth pair of hands carefully packs and wraps the mattress ready for delivery to your bedroom

The perfect 10. No one ever said it would be easy, but when it comes to sleep, why settle for anything less than perfection?