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The perfect fit

Would you buy a pair of jeans without trying them on? Would you climb a mountain in borrowed hiking boots? Of course not because, for some things in life, only a perfect fit will do. 

At Millbrook Beds, we believe a mattress sits firmly within the category of the ‘some things in life’ where fit matters. In the same way as we’d try on a pair of shoes in which we plan to walk any distance, we need to try a mattress in which we plan to sleep on eight hours a night for the next ten years!

When you try laying down on one of our luxurious handmade mattresses, this helps you to feel what’s right for you in choosing the right mattress, from the right range, the right size and the right comfort level for you. Ipso facto, your perfect ‘fit’.

With ranges beginning at 1000 spring counts all the way up to 14000 spring count models and with many of our mattresses available in soft, standard or firm comfort levels, finding your perfect fit can be a lazily enjoyable and satisfying task.

When it comes to your sleep, don’t settle for less than #perfectsleep from Millbrook Beds.