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The rest is up to you

Sleep is one of the few things in life that asks very little of us for all it gives back in return. In fact all sleep asks of us is that we temporarily stop and do nothing. 

But, for all the effort we don’t have to put into our rest, there’s been plenty of effort gone on behind the scenery of your handmade mattress or bed from Millbrook Beds.

Here at Millbrook Beds we’re working very hard for your sleep so that you don’t have to:

Breathable softness

We work hard to source the finest natural fillings to create a luxuriously soft and naturally breathable sleeping surface that will help ensure your sleep remains undisturbed by your fluctuating body temperature overnight.

Craftsmanship to count on

We believe the only way to take care of something as important as your sleep is to take care of it by hand, so that’s exactly what we do. As well as quality, this handmade approach means we can tailor the size, storage and comfort of your mattress to be just as you like it.

Feel good about your bed

Our mattresses and beds are made with respect: our fabrics and fillings come from sustainable sources, we use natural biological solutions to meet fire retardant standards, we repurpose plastics to create our mattress borders and headboards and we only use wood and wood-based products from well-managed forests.

We do all this, the rest is up to you.