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The same story

In most households with children, the bedtime story is synonymous with going to sleep. 

But why do we read to children at bedtime? In spite of our desire for children to see our children thrive academically, their cognitive development isn’t necessarily the driver behind the institution of the bedtime story – although there’s research to suggest regular bedtime stories are helpful here too.

No, the reason we read bedtime stories to our kids is because it helps them to relax. And, night after night, it also trains their brains and bodies as a sleep cue that enables them to fall asleep quickly and peacefully.

And this is important too. Those few moments of immersing ourselves into the positive messages or lighthearted plot structures in popular children’s literature take their minds away from the day’s challenges and, with a cuddle thrown in, offer up nothing but comfort and security.

Taking all this into account, as adults, couldn’t we benefit from the same? 

Today (Friday 6th September 2019) is National Read a Book Day, a day that celebrates and embraces all the positive impacts that reading for 10 minutes a day can have for children. Learn more at https://www.worldbookday.com/2019/09/share-a-story-on-national-read-a-book-day/ 

However at Millbrook Beds we’re also taking National Read a Book Day to consider the benefits of reading to our mental wellbeing. When you think of it, it’s the same story: reading can not only help us to de-stress and inspire us but – similarly to children – it can also be a valuable sleep cue.

Sink back in the company of a good book into the sumptuous comfort of a handmade Millbrook Bed today and every day.