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The shape of you

They say everyone has a double walking somewhere on this earth at any one time, a doppelgänger who looks like them or talks like them or who shares identical passions. But what about our body shape? Do you think you have a body double somewhere out there?

Folklore aside, the reality is our body shape is as unique as our DNA. Yes we might broadly fit into categories of our physical type – apples, pears or (more scientifically speaking) mesomorphs, endomorphs or ectomorphs – but within the expansiveness of these categories our body is pretty well unique in comparison to the next person.

And that, in a nutshell, is exactly why our mattresses offer pocket sprung support.

Our handmade mattresses are high quality pocket sprung mattresses that consist of double stacked individually nested pocket springs that offer superior support in every way. The key is the individual nesting of each English steel spring in its own ‘pocket’. Not only does this nesting process mean the spring is capable of moving independently from its neighbouring springs, it also means it can provide more effective and unique support varied to the shape, curves and weight distribution of your individual body shape.

Millbrook Beds… love your shape, love your bed, love your sleep!