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The shape of you

Never love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary 

Oscar Wilde

You’re not ordinary. No one is.

The very things that make us unique and the very same things make us who we are and give us our sense of identity. Our genes have a part to play, our life experiences, our preferences and peculiarities all meld together to make up the shape of you. Therefore, to treat someone as though they were ordinary is essentially to ignore the lifeblood of what makes them…them.

Individuality isn’t just a fact in love of course, our individuality has round-the-clock significance, even at bedtime.

Our personalities have a unique shape and likewise so do our bodies, so why would we want a mattress that treats us like we’re ordinary either? 

At Millbrook Beds, we make pocket sprung mattresses that cater to your individual comfort needs. Because each spring is individually nested in its own pocket, each spring moves independently from its neighbouring springs to shape perfectly to to the unique curves of your spine.

You’re not ordinary. So don’t settle for an ordinary mattress. When only #perfectsleep will do, find something extraordinary in terms of design, quality and style with a luxury handmade sleep from Millbrook Beds.