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The small things

We all know there’s good and bad ways in which the small things in life can add up to punch considerably above their featherweight.

Take silk for example. Mysteriously made, each tiny silk cocoon consists of a raw silk thread that can measure up to 900 metres long – that’s the length of 18 Olympic sized swimming pools – and this fine feeling thread also has an unbelievable strength that surpasses steel. 

In fact, many millennia from its discovery, silk remains one of the oldest, finest and most lustrous fabrics available; superior to man made imitations.

Here at Millbrook Beds, we’re big believers that it’s the small things that make a difference. After all, it’s this attention to detail, commitment to quality and the use of naturally spectacular materials such as silk, that sets a luxurious Millbrook Bed apart from the crowd.

Much like silk, it’s not just in the fine appearance, the real difference is in the fine feel and performance of our beds. Feel the difference – in little or big ways – a handmade pocket sprung mattress could make for your sleep with #perfectsleep from Millbrook Beds.