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The snuggliest start

After an unseasonably mild end to 2021, it finally feels like winter has arrived. But in all honesty, we didn’t even need the excuse of sub-zero temperatures to begin a new year revelling in the snuggly comfort of our beds.

At Millbrook Beds, our mattresses have an extra-special snuggle factor as they’re handmade using luxurious natural fillings including silk, cashgora, English Fine Cotton and – perhaps the snuggliest of all – Hampshire Wool.

British wool has a bounce, springiness and resilience that makes it sought after by manufacturers around the world. Its characteristic added natural bulk not only improves the quality of the finished product, it also has improved thermal properties and means mattresses made using British wool are naturally more comfortable to sleep on.

More snuggly still though is the fleece from sheep breeds that live and thrive in the milder Hampshire climate. Access to good supplies of food and milder weather means the sheep have more energy to grow a fuller and bulkier fleece.

Hampshire Wool sheep breeds are sheep from the Hampshire Down, the Southdown and others are downland types, rather than hill or mountain breeds. 100% fleece wool grown in the county of Hampshire has been specially selected to make Millbrook Beds and it takes prided place in our mattresses.

Find more reasons to snuggle in 2022 with #perfectsleep from Millbrook Beds.