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The stuff of legends

Did you know that today (26th February 2019) is Tell a Fairy Tale Day?

Ok so this is technically a day that’s observed in the United States rather than here in the UK, but we love the idea of it so much that we thought we’d share it with you.

This Tuesday (Stateside) many people will celebrate Tell a Fairy Take Day by opening up a favourite fairy tale to read with a child for the first time or for the fiftieth time.

Fairy tales have an enduring magic and, as we grow, we can appreciate different readings of the stories, the morals behind them and we can also be surprised by the dark nature of many of the fairy tales of our childhoods. The best fairy tales explore myths and folklore and can tap dark corners of our minds and question norms of their then-contemporary societies as well as a resonance in our modern world too.

So tonight, young or old, celebrate Tell a Fairy Tale Day by opening up a classic tale at bedtime. With the benefit of age and different experiences over the years, even the most familiar of stories may offer something new.