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The sweet spot

A sweet spot is defined as a place, a precise spot, that is optimal for achieving whatever the desired effect.

Sweet spots are commonly identified in business as representing the perfect balance between managing expenditure against achieving the result needed. They also come up regularly in sport where they represent the maximum result for a given amount of effort.

Despite these common associations – when you think about the root definition – we could identify many sweet spots in our lives, even a sweet spot for our sleep.

Finding the right balance between what’s affordable for you in a quality mattress – all the while maintaining choice around factors including size, colour and comfort – means you can find that all-important sweet spot when it comes to sleep for you and your family.

With eight stunning collections of quality mattresses and beds, each featuring up to six spring count models, there’s luxury sleep to suit every budget when you choose Millbrook Beds. And what’s more, because each of our bed and mattress is handmade to your choice of comfort, size and colour, finding the sweet spot for your sleep has never been easier or more stylish.