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The sweetest geometry 

August is here and it’s a month where you’ll happen upon the most bumblebees when you’re outside. But look closely and you’ll notice you won’t see as many honeybees as – having made their honey – these are now in decline. For this reason August is a month beekeepers look forward to as it means it’s time to harvest the honey.

Freshly harvested honey is pure alchemy. One of nature’s most wondrous treats, even the comb itself is a thing of beauty and wonder. An ornate storage facility, honeycomb comprises the sweetest geometry of hexagonal wax prisms – each cell filled with honey and sealed with wax.

A perfectly strong, perfectly efficient and a perfectly beautiful structure, the honeycomb pattern is in fact replicated our luxurious handmade mattresses. Thousand upon thousand, layer upon layer of individually nested pocket springs are arranged together in a honeycomb pattern to create unique and responsive support along the full length of your neck and spine. Now that’s some sweet geometry indeed.

Whether you’re a lover of honey or not, harvest #perfectsleep this August when you choose Millbrook Beds.