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The warm up

The warm up to spring this year has felt like the longest ever, but this week feels like warmth could finally be here for to stay.

The warmer weather brings comfort in so many ways. The comfort of stepping out without needing the rigmarole of layers and waterproofs. The comfort of the warmth that soaks our skin in feel-good vitamin D and the freedom and comfort to make plans outdoors again.

But the funny thing about the temperatures warming up is that – in reality – there are few notches on the thermometer between the comfort of warmth and the discomfort of excessive heat.

Keeping our body temperature even throughout the seasons is especially important to our quality of sleep. By daytime we make conscious adjustments to our clothing layers to maintain our comfort – at nighttime though our bodies are left to it. For this reason it may not surprise you to know that temperature is a primary factor in sleep disturbance.

That’s why your sleeping surface has a crucial role to play in helping your body manage temperature. Natural fibres have time and again been proven to regulate temperature more effectively than synthetic materials, which is why fillings such as Fine English Cotton and Hampshire Wool have star billing in our traditionally handmade mattresses.

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