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There’s no place like home

There’s literally no place like home; our homes are an extension of our own unique quirks and qualities. 

In the same way, when we step outside, we ourselves can be shaped to some extent by the unique quirks and qualities of the place where we live. A life spent in the city is a world apart from a life spent in a seaside town, as is a rural upbringing naturally very different to a childhood in a typical suburban housing estate. Whatever of those settings is familiar to us, brings us comfort and it’s often a type of comfort that’s without comparison.

At Millbrook Beds we’re lucky to have the place we call home as the South Coastal county of Hampshire. Hampshire as a place plays an important role in our history as a company and also without doubt in the lives of the people who work with us. In fact, Hampshire is woven into each and all of our mattresses in the pure softness of Hampshire Wool. But, other than the fact that it’s from our home county of Hampshire, what makes wool from Hampshire special?

Hampshire Wool sheep breeds are sheep from the Hampshire Down, the Southdown and other downland types, rather than hill or mountain breeds. The sheep breeds that live and thrive in the milder Hampshire climate generally have access to good supplies of food. Putting their energy into growing their fleece rather than finding food, sheep breeds in Hampshire will therefore produce a fleece that tends to be fuller and bulkier, which makes it a perfect choice for sleep comfort.

At Millbrook Beds, there’s no place like home and we therefore taking full advantage of the special characteristics of home-grown Hampshire Wool to provide you with your own home comforts in the form of #perfectsleep.