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There’s no place like home

Planning a staycation this summer? Which one? A staycation in the sense that you won’t be leaving U.K. shores? Or a staycation in the sense that you’ll be taking a break but staying at home?

It feels like the latter is probably more akin to what the term staycation was intended to describe, but taking a break at home isn’t always easy. So, this week at Millbrook Beds, we’re thinking about how to staycation well…

See what’s around you with fresh eyes

There’s always more going on in your area than you’d think and places of interest that you’ve never had time to visit. Research local events too and you’ll end up going back to work with more to talk about than your colleagues that laid by a pool for a week.

A fresh take on food

Just as you’d experiment and try new foods if you were abroad, take some time to buy and prepare new foods and experiment with new cuisines. BBC Good Food has a rundown of the biggest food trends for 2019 (https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/food-trends-2019) or just follow where you stomach leads you. 

Refresh and refuel on sleep

One of biggest benefits (other than saving money) to staycationing is no flights at weird times of night, jet lag or other sleep-robbing travel plans. Your holiday begins and ends on your own time zone and without the exhaustion of travelling, meaning any extra rest you get on holiday feels more beneficial. And the best bit? You get to sleep in your own bed.

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