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Time out

Christmas is a great time to have some time out to think. We don’t always need to be alone to think, in fact extra precious time with friends and family can sometime provoke those moments of clarity that we need to reprioritise our lives. And it’s typically these moments that shape what will become our New Year’s resolutions.

However, while it’s good to reprioritise, this New Year perhaps it’s time to call time on some of those traditional doomed-to-failure New Year’s resolutions.

Recurrent New Year’s resolutions tend to focus on weight loss, changing jobs, paying off debt, running a marathon or finding ‘happiness’. Worthy though these resolutions may be, they can very quickly feel unachievable come the third week in January because they represent drastic changes or end goals.

So this year at Christmas as you take some time out, consider what would be most meaningful to you and small (achievable) steps you could commit to. And, as better sleep can help us feel more positive, energised and able to achieve more in so many areas of our lives, why not start there?

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