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Too close for comfort

Closeness in a relationship is a beautiful thing.

But, for some people, too much closeness when it’s time to go to sleep can be a swift tipping point from closeness to claustrophobia.

If your shared sleeping area is too close for comfort, it can not only inhibit your preferred starfish sleeping position – it can also inhibit your sleep. If you struggle with co-sleeping, it could be sleeping too close together may affect your body’s overnight temperature regulation or you may be affected by sleep disturbance from differing bedtimes or your partner’s sleep movements.

And we may as well address elephant in the room, as a nation we’re not getting slimmer in body shape – it’s no wonder the standard double no longer cuts the mustard in terms of comfort.

If yours and your partner’s sleeping space is too close for comfort, upgrade to a larger handmade pocket sprung bed from Millbrook Beds. Available in a range of sizes up to 6’0 as standard and, because all our beds and mattresses are handmade, we can even create custom sizes for bespoke orders.

But size isn’t the only reason to fall in love with our beds. Our commitment to sleep perfection means our mattresses feature unique Zonal edge springing that provides extra strength to the sides of the mattress. By applying two rows of firmer springs on either side, the system ensures no ‘roll-off’ to maximise the sleeping surface.

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