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Total recall

The association between our sleep and our memory function is a fairly well known, however, a new study by the Georgia Institute of Technology has discovered a specific link between poor sleep and memory in older adults.

In what is believed to be the first study of the relationship between age and sleep (and racial difference*) the research is supported by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and subsequently published in Frontiers of Human Neuroscience. Read more about the study at the Georgia Institute of Technology‘s news centre here: https://www.news.gatech.edu/2019/06/24/study-ties-poor-sleep-reduced-memory-performance-older-adults 

In a society with an ageing population, we’re giving far more thought to how best we can preserve our physical and mental capacity as we age. After all, if we’re going to live longer, we want to live independently and enjoyably.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, what this study does is to once again underline the importance of positive sleep as a vital ingredient in our short and long-term wellbeing. There are many things we can’t control about our future health, but respecting our need for sleep is something we can influence.

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* The discovery of adverse affects relating to race in black participants (irrespective of age) was an unforeseen outcome of the study.