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Touch of class

The experience of true luxury isn’t something you see, it’s something you feel.

With the speed of modern day manufacturing, it’s easier for high street brands to churn out cheap fashion products that have all the appearance of catwalk looks but – while they might look the same – the experience of wearing them will be different. It’s the difference between a pair of synthetic thermoplastic boots as opposed to a comfortable pair of leather boots, the difference between a cheap-feeling polyester blouse and the feel of a smooth silk one – the difference can’t always be seen, but you can feel it.

The same is true of a quality mattress, you have to touch it, feel it and lie down on it to appreciate the difference. With a quality mattress from Millbrook Beds, one of the ways you’ll feel that touch of class is with the Egyptian Cotton cover that envelopes each of our handmade products. 

Because Egyptian Cotton is hand picked, the fibre retains a finer texture than regular machine picked cotton and that’s not all. The smaller diameter of Egyptian Cotton means there are many more threads per square metre which creates a smooth and lustrous texture that not only feels more luxurious, but is also superior in terms of breathability, helping you sleep better too.

Egyptian cotton covers, just one of many touches of class in a luxury Millbrook Bed that add up to #perfectsleep.