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Tried and tested

Most friendship circles have a friend who’s particularly thorough.

We’re talking about the mate that does detailed research about a product – whether they’re buying a new coffee machine or a car. Conscientiously, this person will not only look at the reviews, they’ll know how economical a product is (evaluating the initial purchase price against the estimated number of years they’ll own it for), they’ll have checked and compared prices through different merchants, service packages and researched add on accessories – chances are they’ll even factor in the used price they’ll sell it for further down the line. Yes, ‘that’ mate.

And, although this level of detail can border on tedium when you’re catching up over a beer, this friend becomes an invaluable resource when we want to buy a big ticket item and don’t have the time or patience to do this research for ourselves.

When it comes to buying a new bed, the National Bed Federation (NBF) is a bit like this mate. Providing unbiased advice to consumers to help them to sleep well, the NBF ‘gets into the detail’ by regularly auditing all NBF member brands to ensure the highest standards when it comes to trade descriptions, product safety and the supply of goods – learn more at https://www.bedfed.org.uk

As an NBF member brand, you can be sure products from Millbrook Beds have been tried and tested to the NBF’s exacting standards. However, feel free to try and test them from yourself in the showroom of a quality furniture retailer near you.