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Tried and true

Buying something that can stand the test of time isn’t always just about buying a product that isn’t liable to fall to pieces, not in the truest sense anyway.

At Millbrook Beds, our ranges of luxury mattresses and beds are developed with an experienced design, quality and know-how that all adds up to a product that is tried and true and made to last for 10 years or more.


In over 70 years of bed making, we know what works, what doesn’t work and we work to something we refer to as a ‘rightness of design’ that avoids fussy or whimsical fashions, instead offering the highest standards of design that make each Millbrook Bed a classic treasure to enjoy for many years.


The only way to make beds that are made to last is to make them by hand and to make them using quality materials. That’s why at Millbrook Beds we only use quality timber sourced from certified sustainable forests, it’s also why we use locally sourced Hampshire wool that we combine with other natural and chemical free quality fillings to create our recipe for #perfectsleep comfort.


Craftsmanship techniques are key to making something tried and true. Our team of craftsmen and craftswomen use decades of experience in their artisanship, finishing each mattress using quality precision in hand-side stitching to strengthen the shape of mattress and prolong its lifespan.

Millbrook Beds tried and true, for comfort that keeps on giving year after year.