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True colours

How often do we let people see our true colours? 

We’re not talking deep rooted personality traits, but rather the colours that represent our personalities in our homes. So much of the time, our reception rooms are decorated in accordance with interior trends, what we think looks ‘posh’ or a notion of colours that are deemed best to maximise space. Even in our homes, our personalities too often take a back seat.

If not in our homes generally, then certainly our bedrooms ought to be a place to leave other priorities behind to create a space where we can show our true colours.

Light or dark, bold or pastel, rich or neutral, there’s a colour tone and depth to match your personality and your taste when you choose a luxury bed from Millbrook Beds. Because our divans and headboards are handmade, they can be made to suit your individual preference in terms of size, storage and colour – and we have a choice of over 60 luxurious divan and headboard fabrics in an array of colours to choose from.

Whether you’re a berry bright, blush pink, or silver fox type of personality, find your true colour in a quality bed with Millbrook Beds.